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I started my multimillion dollar business with $100

Updated: May 27, 2020

I see this a lot and as an Entrepreneur I think its bullshit ! What are y'all thoughts on this ?

Starting a business is definitely not easy; Growing and maintaining a business is definitely harder. In my opinion if you don't have the money to continue buying what you need to make products or resell what ever it is that your selling how can your business flourish ?

I spent a lot of money starting TopNotch V, I had to first order samples of many different things I needed to create my products. Then I had to get a logo, I'm sure if your savvy you can make one yourself to save cost. Then I had to order samples of the containers that I wanted to use several times. Once I decided on the containers I wanted I ordered containers in bulk. Then labels, then shipping packaging and the list goes on.

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